Oil of Gladness: The  Mystery of Anointing of the Sick explores the apostolic origin, prayers, readings, and the anointing service that the Eastern Christian Church offers those who have fallen into ill health. The purpose of this Mystery is “to strengthen trust in God and bestow forgiveness of sins as well as physical recovery” (Christ Our Pascha, the Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church).


In this beautiful video the true meaning of the healing ministry of the Church is presented through excellent catechesis. The Mystery of Anointing is about healing, not about death. Christ desires our wellness – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The video also reminds us that the entire church community has a role to play in accompanying the sick, through prayer in particular, as emphasized in the real-life miracle-like healing testimonies. Enjoy. I certainly did! Bishop David Motiuk, Chair of the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission of the UGCC

In my fifty plus years of catechetical work, I have learned that good catechesis does not convey information without also conveying inspiration. This video catechesis on the Mystery of the Anointing of the Sick is a sterling blend of the two. The opening images lift the spirit to another dimension and open the mind to the power of the Church’s ministry to the sick. The scattering of beautiful iconography throughout allows the viewer to peer through the mundane to the sublime. The instruction is clear, the examples poignant, and (for me) the video demonstrated once and for all why this mystery is not a “near-death” ritual but a most public and living celebration of the healing mission of Christ and his Church. In short, I was informed and inspired. Cullen W Schippe, Retired President, Pflaum Publishing

What a wonderful presentation of the sacrament! It is hopeful, profound and very clear; a treasure to be used in catechetics and formation of the faithful—in the Latin Church as well. Sister Rosa Monique Peña, OP, Director of Formation for the Dominican Republic

What beautiful imagery is included at the beginning of this video! The meaningful narration that follows clearly explains the reason to know about this Mystery before a person becomes ill. I am grateful that I was able to contribute to this inspirational video. Marie Nester, writer for the Revised God With Us Catechetical Series and the Byzantine Generations of Faith Curriculum