The Edmonton Eparchy has started an anonymous “Ask a Catholic Priest” page where people in the Eparchy can ask questions have them personally answered by one of our Ukrainian Catholic priests. It is a great resource for people to use if anyone has a common question, as we post the responses and make them available to share with the general public. The Eparchy focuses on answering at least one question a week and has shown massive success so far. Some of the questions being asked includes:

I was baptized in a Catholic Church as an infant. Do I have to become a Catholic?

I was Muslim, but I’d Like to Find my Way Back to Jesus Christ. How Should I Do This?

I’m a Protestant and Would Like to Learn More About Catholicism, What Should I Do?

Is there an RCIA in the Ukrainian Church? If an adult wants to become a Ukrainian Catholic, what is the process?

To view all the questions posted, and to share some with your parishioners you can view it here: