The Patriarchal Catechetical Commission is actively involved in the development of programs, and methodological and didactic materials which are of great benefit to catechists and can be used by parents and children.

In particular, the Commission is engaged in the development and production of interactive maps (posters) for catechetical classes on the following topics: books of the Bible; liturgical utensils; liturgical vestments; last days of Jesus on Earth; Easter and the 12 Major Feasts; Christian symbols. These maps are of great use for the catechists and teachers of Christian ethics in schools, helping them to make catechesis classes more interesting and attractive for children since children have better developed a visual perception of the study materials.

The Commission created four interactive games: “Creation of the World”, “Noah’s Ark”, “Moses and the 10 Commandments”, “Christmas” (age category: 3-10 years). Children can learn Scripture and Christian doctrine in an interesting and accessible way. The applications can be downloaded through the Google market.

The Commission created a series of cartoons on catechetical topicsvideo lessons on the Holy Sacraments, as well as short films.

The Commission also develops and publishes catechetical board games on Biblical topics.