The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization released a new Directory for Catchesis, providing guidelines for the Church’s mission of proclaiming the Gospel through catechesis and evangelization.

The new Directory provides significant updates on the 1971 General Catechetical Directory and the 1997 General Directory for Catechesis.

The new Directory, containing some 300 pages, is comprised of 3 parts divided into 12 chapters:  Witnessing, Mercy, and Dialogue.

The first part, entitled “Catechesis in the evangelizing mission of the Church,” treats the formation of catechists.

The second part, “the process of catechesis,” focuses on the importance of communicating beauty as a means of connecting with God and communicating sacred music as a means of instilling the desire of God in the heart of the people.

The third part, “Catechesis in particular churches,” is dedicated to catechesis in parishes and Catholic schools.

For further information, see New Directory for Catechesis released, Vatican News.

See also, Press Conference – Mons. Rino Fisichella, Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.

The Directory will be available for purchase in the new future.