We are pleased to present to you the next part of our “A Prayerful Reading of Holy Scripture” series, namely, “A Prayerful Reading of the Acts of the Apostles”. The Acts of the Apostles continues the storyline where the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John stop, inviting us to the early Christian Church. The Book of Acts was likely written by the holy evangelist Luke and begins where the Gospel of Luke ends — Christ’s Ascension into heaven. The disciples and those who are with them witness the descent of the Holy Spirit on the fiftieth day, which we understand as the birth of the Church. From then, Christianity spreads throughout the world, accompanied by the Holy Spirit, down to our time. Like Saint Paul, who plays a leading role in Acts, we are also called to be missionaries by spreading the Good News of the Gospel in our family, in our circle of friends, and finally, among strangers. Accept the challenge of prayerfully reading the Acts of the Apostles, allowing the Holy Spirit to again enter your lives! May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Bishop David Motiuk Chair, Patriarchal Catechetical Commission


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